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AGU will accept nominations for Union Fellows, 15 January - 15 March 2019, 11:59 P.M. Eastern.

Make sure you choose the correct honor for which you are submitting/reviewing, by clicking on the relevant honor name from the "AGU Honors" menu option above. 

Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are the reccomended browsers.

Submission Instructions for Nominators

  • All nominations and nomination file uploads will be handled through this site. To create a new nomination or view submitted nominations, select 'View My Award Submissions'
  • After starting a nomination, you may begin working on the required content. You can work on multiple nominations for multiple awards and save your work as you go, returning to the site as often as needed, but not after finalizing and submitting a nomination.
  • All submission materials must be completed and submitted by the submission deadline.
  • All Union Fellow nominators require an active AGU membership and should sign in using your AGU member profile credentials. If you need to re-new your membership or need assistance signing in using your AGU member profile credentials please contact AGU Member Services or call +1 (202) 462-6900. 

Tips for Creating Strong Nomination:

  • Familiarize yourself with the criteria for the Union Fellows award carefully and assure that information provided in your nomination meets all eligability
  • Review the Conflict of Interest Policy to assure all persons participating in your nomination are in line with AGU ethic standards
  • Be sure that you are providing all nomination requirements and file uploads (i.e. Nomination Letter, Selected Bibliography, Nominee CV, and Letters of Reccomendation) are correctly prepared according to the Nomination & Format Requirements.
  • Assure you are familiar with the Union Fellows submission and review process by reading the Union Fellows Review Process & Timeline.
  • Read more helpful tips on how to strengthen your nomination in Guideliness to a Successful Nomination.
  • If you still have remaining questions or issues please review the Union Fellows FAQ or contact Chelsea Fuller.